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Y'all has become synonymous with Texas and the South. Ho ho ho has become synonymous with Christmas. You can see how the two make a great pair and a great way to celebrate the holidays!

Alamo Sweatshirt

Did You Know...?

Y'all is believed to have become popular in the Southern United States. (Yes, I know. That's a real shocker.) But did you know that there are currently six recognized properties for the word?

  • replacement for plural you
  • associative plural
  • institutional plural
  • unknown potential referent
  • direct address (as shown here)
  • stylistic choice

>> Read more at Wikipedia.org

Clothing and bag
Alamo T-shirt
Alamo T-shirt
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Alamo Sweatshirt
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Alamo Infant Bodysuit
Alamo Kid's T-shirt
Alamo Kid's T-shirt

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